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Previous Work

Diversion Designers' mission is to divert the maximum amount of waste from the landfill all around Colorado through implementation of sustainable waste systems as well as waste tracking and reporting. Here are some recaps of the work we have accomplished thus far!




Amber led the waste diversion operation at FIBark boating and music festival in Salida, CO. Achieving 6,036 pounds of waste diversion at a 10,000-person festival with only 2 volunteers!

UPDATED Fibark Waste Metrics.jpg


Sonic Bloom

Emily led the sorting station operation at Sonic Bloom, mobilizing over 15 volunteers to help sort through as many bags of trash as possible to maximize recycling! A total of 7 waste streams were recycled/reused totalling 38,886 pounds of waste diverted!

Sonic Bloom Metrics.jpg
Country Jam Metrics.jpg


Country Jam Music Festival

Diversion Designers operated the Sorting Station for the 17,000-person country music festival in Grand Junction, CO with a 9-person team of rock-star waste warriors. We sorted through every single bag of recycling to maximize waste diversion and minimize contamination to the recycling stream.


Steamboat Springs Winter Sport's Club

We ran the waste diversion operation at the Annual Jumpin' and Jammin' Summer Ski Jump Competition in Steamboat Springs. This 2-woman team was able to accomplish a 73% diversion rate while incorporating an education outreach program with the attendees.

Jumpathon Waste Report Card.jpg
DD 1.jpg


Heritage Fire Festival

We teamed up with the City of Snowmass and premier food and wine tour, Heritage Fire, to execute a waste diversion program at this year’s event. We were able to compost 2,000 lbs of compost at the city’s new facility.

dd 3.jpg


Breckenridge Brewery On Tap with KBCO

Sustainability is clearly at the forefront of Breckenridge Brewery’s mind. We were able to divert 82% of the concert’s waste during this event. In addition, we were provided with a solar powered light tower for sorting after dark and an electric cart for hauling waste from the venue.


AdventureFit Tacofest

With a diversion rate of nearly 70%, we had the opportunity to work with Boulder, one of Colorado’s most established waste diversion programs to send the cleanest streams possible to the local transfer station.

dd 2.jpg


Outdoor Industry Summit

The highest diversion rate of the 2022 season, reaching 87.27%! We appreciate the commitment from SBDC to minimizing the environmental impact their events have.

dd 4.jpg
dd 5.jpg


Desert Daze

Desert Daze: We teamed up with Wegenerative for this large California event. Diversion Designer’s role was to manage all BOH waste tracking and sorting operations. The biggest success at this event (and maybe all season) was the 17,144 lbs of fresh food and beverages we were able to save and donate to local organizations. 

Trellis Projects

Helping garden companies reach food resiliency in urban spaces by building trellises with reclaimed metal.

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