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Welcome to Diversion Designers. We offer a variety of services for your business to create a custom plan that will optimize your waste management and save money.


From waste audits, to complete project management, Diversion Designers will work closely with your company to learn about your waste patterns and provide functional solutions. 


Waste bins

Waste audits are a beneficial start to your waste management plan.

Diversion Designers will perform a custom audit for your business or municipality to understand where your largest types and amount of waste lie. 

This information can then be used to make impactful changes to decrease waste and save money.


Man wearing shirt that says reduce, reuse, recycle

The grant writing process can be lengthy and confusing. Diversion Designers offers professional grant writing for businesses.


Diversion Designers team at a landfill.jpg

After a waste audit is performed starting the consulting process with Diversion Designers is a great next step.


A custom plan will be created  and tailored to your business based on your waste audit. From there Diversion Designers will guide you to the practical steps needed to make a lasting change.


Compost and Recycle bins

Do you have an event and need help allocating mass waste production?

Diversion Designers works with vendors to divert waste from going to landfills that is produced by your event. 


Diversion Designer team at a recycling plant

Want to make a change in your waste management but don't have the time to execute in house? Diversion Designers has a solution!

With complete project management Diversion Designers can ensure your waste management plan is thoroughly executed and maintained. 



Does your company have a desire to obtain a TRUE Zero Waste Certification? Diversion Designers is certified to support you throughout the entire process.

As a TRUE Advisor, I can assist in defining and executing your facility’s, event’s or construction project’s zero waste goals. Find out more about the Green Building Certification Inc. (GBCI) and TRUE Certification HERE.

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