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Diversion Designers: Who We Are

Updated: Feb 10

Diversion Designers is a female owned Waste Consulting Agency established to tackle the global waste issue. We specialize in resource stewardship and waste consulting to identify problems within waste systems, create solutions and save businesses money in the process.

Diversion Designers Team smiling in a waste bin

We help businesses navigate the complexities of waste management with systematic design and innovative approaches. We're committed to driving cost savings and promoting triple bottom sustainability. With Diversion Designers you can count on:

Customized Consulting: We work one-on-one with each client, understanding their unique challenges and opportunities in waste production. Our goal is to reshape and minimize environmental impact through strategic planning and innovative solutions.

Education & Sorting: Our approach integrates education with effective sorting strategies, believing that both are key to achieving long-term sustainable change.

Impactful Results: To date, we have successfully diverted over 167,000 lbs of waste, demonstrating our commitment to creating a greener, more sustainable future.

The services we offer to help your business or event are:

Waste Audits

Waste Consulting

Project Management

Grant Writing

Sustainable Event Coordination

True Advisor Certification

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