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Is Waste a Problem or Is Our Approach the Real Issue?

In today's fast-paced world, waste is generated and discarded with alarming frequency, leading to significant environmental contamination.

Recent data indicates that the recycling and composting rate in the U.S. has increased from just 6.4% in 1960 to over 32% today. This reflects a 4.5x improvement in the country's recycling rate, although there's still significant room for improvement compared to other countries.

It's clear: waste alone isn’t the problem. More than that, it's our approach to waste that needs a serious overhaul.

Trash: Not Just Unpleasant, But a Missed Opportunity

When we fail to appreciate the potential of what we discard, we miss out on valuable opportunities. For instance, they take years to decompose, create a strong odor, and potentially leach harmful substances into the land and water, known as leachates

Instead, food waste can be transformed into compost, enriching the soil and providing nutrients for plant growth.

Waste Management: Not Just a Job, But a Necessity for a Sustainable Future

It's time to change our perspective, systems, and practices. Waste management isn't just a mundane task; it’s vital for combating climate change and achieving sustainable living. Through effective waste diversion and management, we can achieve economic relief and a more efficient return on resource usage.

With the right approach, waste can be more than just a problem to solve—it can be an opportunity to create value. 

From food waste to compost or metal scraps into upcycled artwork, the possibilities are endless. So let's sort our clutter,  rethink our efforts, and change our ways towards a circular economy.

Need Help with Waste Management at Your Event?

Organizing an event and concerned about waste? Diversion Designers is here to help. We specialize in waste consulting, helping you manage your event's waste efficiently and sustainably. Let's make your event a model for sustainable waste management.

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